The Client

Freestone’s Transport is a national express linehaul freight company, with a 35-year-old legacyin the Australian trucking industry. As the company continued to grow, facets of Freestone’s operations became unwieldy, and threatened to derail their dedication to providing outstanding delivery performance. Off-the-shelf systems were too big and expensive for a business of Freestone’s size - which is where GlobavendLabs’ solutions came in.

The Solution

Having identified the needs of the business, we set about designing a fully integrated transport management system for Freestone’s. The system includes back-end and front-end solutions, incorporating web-based and mobile interfaces. The system fully integrates all aspects of the company’s operations, and has revolutionised the way Freestone’s operate their business.


Central to Freestone’s Transport Management System (TMS) is a web-based portal. The portal is not only simpler and more cost-effective to implement, it also readily supports adaptation to a range of use cases.


As the main screen used by operations staff within Freestone’s, the administration section provides ready access to the system’s entire functionality, including management of bookings, rates, consignments, vehicles and invoices. Invoicing within the developed platform is fully integrated with the company’s accounts and payroll software.


The administration screen also provides access to detailed mapping, showing the current locations and planned routes of Freestone’s vehicles Australia-wide.


The Freestone’s TMS provides customers with direct, live access to information on their account from any internet-capable device. Current loads and consignments can be tracked in real time, while analytic reports on past orders can also be generated.


In addition to the web-based portal, we also created accompanying iOS and Android apps suitable for mobile devices. The apps allow drivers to manage their jobs and their time on the road (including mandatory breaks), find delivery locations, and collect digital proof of delivery on the spot.

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