Globavend’s operations epitomise the unique opportunities presented by the ecommerce industry. The company’s service leverages cloud-based applications, allowing businesses all over the world to remotely manage inventory stored in Hong Kong-based warehouses. Those businesses can then accept, remotely process and ship online orders. Stock can be delivered anywhere, without ever being physically handled by the vendor.

Globavend offers the perfect solution to companies manufacturing in China, as well as those eBay vendors sourcing their products from the Chinese market. Customers gain access to generous buying power, which reduces the cost of shipping, for an additional competitive advantage. Since launching in 2015, Globavend has shipped over 200,000 orders to their global clients.

The Solution

Globavend’s business is powered by a cloud-based application, developed from the ground up by GlobavendLabs (Globavend’s namesake). We built the back-end system, and included real-time integration with ecommerce solutions such as eBay, Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify. We also built the user interface and related processes used by client businesses, as well as the interface used within Globavend’s own warehouses.


The Globavend application is full-featured, and provides a comprehensive platform for the use of clients and Globavend employees alike.

The application offers numerous features, including the ability to sell products through multiple channels (e.g. eBay and Magento), as well as the option of processing those orders centrally, from the same screen. Connection to finance packages such as Xero further streamlines the client’s workflow.

The system provides a straightforward, intuitive workflow for the processing of orders, from receipt to dispatch. It also provides full inventory management tools and comprehensive reporting capabilities.


Our services are multifaceted and cross-disciplinary - we are not only software developers, but ecommerce and global shipping experts as well. The application developed for Globavend exemplifies this blend of knowledge and experience. It presents an amalgamation of a powerful back-end tool and an intuitive user interface.


The Globavend solution not only provides multi-channel integration with the major ecommerce providers - it also offers seamless connection with financial applications such as Xero, for streamlined accounting and finance processes.


The flexibility of the application has afforded Globavend with the unique ability to offer shipping within mainland China. Consignment label generation in Mandarin is supported, and our API provides further flexibility.

Technical Features

GlobavendLab’s software solution is fundamental to the Globavend operation, providing:

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