The Client

Python Charmers is an industry leader in specialised Python training, a programming language course favoured by large and small organisations in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. Python Charmers run a range of face-to-face Python courses at frequent intervals, but the company found that their outsourced booking system was inefficient, and at odds with their needs and those of their customers. They commissioned GlobavendLabs to build them a fully integrated website and event management platform.


The solution provides the business with a streamlined process for event creation, ticketing, payment and back-office management. The resultant system operates entirely within a single website, providing customers with a seamless booking and checkout experience, including automated provision of pre-course questionnaires. The system ensures Python Charmers receive payment without delay, unlike their third party booking and ticketing system.


The system developed by GlobavendLabs replaces the need for a third-party event management system. The web-based system manages and meets the needs of both the company and their customers, without the restrictions associated with external services.


Customers can view course details and book a course within seconds using a clean and simple interface. Credit card payments are processed instantly using an online merchant payment facility. Booking confirmation and pre-course questions are also emailed instantaneously.


The GlobavendLabs solutions removes the need for manual processing. Once a course has been set up, all management of bookings, attendance lists, invoicing, credit card payment processing, pre-course emails and course closure (once a course is sold out) takes place without any human intervention.


The solution integrates neatly into the Python Charmers website and back-office systems. There is no double-handling of data between one system and another - the potential for errors and rework as a result is thus eliminated.

Technical Features

The Python Charmers system provides the company and their customers with an automated, user-friendly end-to-end process. GlobavendLabs developers have incorporated a wide range of features centred on simplicity and automation, including:

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