for retailers

Sell, communicate and deliver to customers around the world from one connected platform
Borderless360 for retailers

Harness our advanced APIs and custom
integrations to combine systems and open shop

Integrating & simplifying

You connect existing systems & carts for integrated oversight & control

Globally trading

You connect to hungry marketplaces around the world, even in mainland China

Refining & delivering

You connect the best couriers from first- to final-mile, even in mainland China


Measure, plan and execute target-smashing campaigns with clarity and order

Tidy funnel, tidy mind

You sell with full visibility of marketplace, order & customer origin

Convenient bulk actions

You sell with ease using time-saving organisation & automation tools

Goodbye bottlenecks

You sell with the ability to action hold-ups before they become bottlenecks

Data day

You sell & discover trends & opportunities using sales & customer insights


Be ready, responsive and relevant - support your
customers in their modern messaging channels

Talk in any channel

You support customers in the channels that matter most - all within one conversation

Increase open rates

You support quickly by sending mesages to customers’ most active channels

Qualify with bots

You support intelligently by using bots to qualify incoming queries & leads

Sell direct in-channel

You support, follow-up & create new opportunities by selling in-conversation


Provide the best delivery performance - wherever your customers are in the world

Get top international rates

You deliver cost-effectively by choosing the best routes & rates, even to mainland China

Direct inject shipments

You deliver seamlessly by leveraging delay-free cross-docking

Streamline admin

You deliver resourcefully by automating shipping labels, packing slips & invoices

Stay ahead of the game

You deliver proactively by anticipating exceptions & eliminating delays

Ship from your own stores, or even faster and cheaper from our warehouses around the world

Control your content, sales, and shipping all in one place

We’re changing the way you trade

Our solutions drive a new era in international trade, supporting businesses in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

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